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  • Countryside Farm scene from Hilmarton Parish
  • Snowy scene of Church Road Hilmarton with Post Office Van
  • Photograph of the old Hilmarton Post Office

Welcome to the parish of Hilmarton, an old yet thriving community of villages and hamlets in North Wiltshire.

The parish consists of Hilmarton itself, along with Goatacre, New Zealand, Beaversbrook, Corton, Highway, Littlecote, Catcombe and Clevancy.

At the hub of Hilmarton is the splendid St Laurence church, one of the loveliest in the area, and just a hundred yards away is the popular Victorian primary school.

Parishioners pride themselves on being an active and vibrant community, which consists of those born and bred in the locale and many drawn to this rural idyll by the beauty of the surrounding area and the friendliness of the neighbourhood.

Whilst the parish has a conservation area and listed buildings, there are references to it in the Domesday book, so it is not just a pretty face!

It is a working and active community with numerous groups and clubs, which continue to grow. Sadly, like many villages in recent years the parish lost its shop, and in 2014 the Post Office also closed.

There are plenty of families and children in the parish, and on a summer’s evening the joyful sound of the children playing can be heard. To discover more about the different aspects of the parish, please follow the links at the top and on the left!