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Notice of Road Closures

Uploaded: August 5, 2021

Dear all

As per my email of 14th July I can now confirm the below closures for surface dressing works are scheduled to take place on the specified dates. Please note that all closures scheduled on the same day will run consecutively:

Upper Cocklebury Lane (Part), Chippenham:  09/08/21 (Hours 09.00-16.00)

Challows Lane and Ham Lane, Biddestone:    09/08/21 (Hours 07.00-19.00)

Hollow Way and Bradenstoke Abbey East C129 to Holloway, Lyneham and Bradenstoke:    10/08/21 (Hours 09.30-15.00)

Stoke Common Lane, Purton: 11/08/21 (Hours 07.00-19.00)

Sundays Hill, Braydonside and Washpool, Brinkworth: 11/08/21 (Hours 07.00-19.00)

Wick Road (Part), Oaksey:   11/08/21 (Hours 07.00-19.00)

C269 Sunnyhill Lane, Wilcot and Pewsey:     13/08/21 (Hours 07.00-19.00)

In addition to this the following roads will be closed for lining and stud reinstatement works following the recent surface dressing works:

A4 Main Road, Cherhill: 11/08/21 & 12/08/21 (Hours 09.00-16.00) (Lining) and 05/09/21 (Hours 09.00-16.00) (stud reinstatement)

C15 (Part), Hilmarton and Clyffe Pypard: 17/08/21 (Hours 19.00-06.00) (Lining)

A361 Caen Hill, Devizes: – Eastbound and Westbound (running consecutively) carriageways:  26/08/21 & 27/08/21 (Hours 19.00-06.00) (stud reinstatement)

B4553 (Part), Cricklade and Purton: 30/08/21 & 31/08/21 (Hours 09.30-15.00) (stud reinstatement)

B4553 (Part), Purton: 31/08/21 (Hours 09.30-15.00) (stud reinstatement)

B3087 (Part) Pewsey, Milton Lilbourne and Easton Royal: 03/09/21 & 04/09/21 (Hours 07.00-19.00) (stud reinstatement)

A345 (Part) Savernake and Wilcot: 07/09/21 and 08/09/21 (Hours 09.30-16.00) (stud reinstatement)

A345 (Part) Marlborough, Savernake and Preshute: 07/09/21 and 08/09/21 (Hours 09.30-16.00) (stud reinstatement)



We are trialling this blanket order process with our Surface Dressing Programme as it is a very weather dependent process so allows us some flexibility in dates whilst keeping you informed of potential disruption.

Kind regards

Emma Palmer
Traffic and Network Management Team

Please direct any queries regarding these works to: Tel: 01225 713497


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