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30mph road safety campaign sign

On Monday 18th. April members of our group attended an award ceremony in the Devizes Corn Exchange. They, together with 41 other groups in Wiltshire, were awarded a framed certificate from Wiltshire Constabulary in recognition of the contribution given in the cause for road safety (see copy of certificate on page 2).
We are confident our efforts are having a positive effect on the speed of vehicles driving past our Village but we need to maintain a presence and continue to make motorists aware of the danger of exceeding the speed limit.
Do you have a couple of hours to spare each week or month? YOUR Speed Watch group need you to help in monitoring vehicle speed on the A3102, just standing by the roadside with high-viz jackets has an amazing effect on slowing traffic.
If you are interested, please call 760572 or email:


Although the piping in of the HAGGIS is not until Burns Night on 25th January here is the latest news from HAGGIS (Hilmarton and Goatacre Group Improving Safety). HAGGIS report to the Hilmarton Parish Council and hold regular meetings through the year to review road safety issues (All welcome and no membership fee).
Much has been achieved in the 5 years since HAGGIS was set up
The pedestrian refuge at Hilmarton is complete and after much campaigning, Wiltshire Highways is funding a similar refuge at Goatacre.

A copy of The HAGGIS Road Safety CD is still available on request for a small donation of £3 to cover costs and any balance going to HAGGIS funds.

The Community Speed Watch statistics show that Hilmarton Parish has been the most active community in surveying the speed of traffic through the villages. It does have an effect in slowing traffic and the CSW team have actually had letters from drivers thanking them for their work. (Volunteers still needed).

Much of the things we get done are helped by having a HAGGIS representative on CATG the Calne Area Transport Group. HAGGIS has also been asked to advise other road safety groups around Wiltshire on traffic calming methods. The white lines at Goatacre have been restored.

From time to time, we have a SID (Speed Indication Device) available for use at Goatacre and Hilmarton. This is one of the most effective and visible ways to encourage drivers to slow down.

Although considered by most, to be the height of ‘un-cool’ the best and safest thing we can do to slow traffic down, especially along main highways, is to wear a high visibility jacket. Almost without fail oncoming vehicles will slow down and take more care if they glimpse that warning yellow.
HAGGIS would like to thank all parishioners who continue to support the HAGGIS road safety campaign and for their careful and considerate motoring. The AGM will be held on Wednesday 12th December 2012 at 7.30 in The Community Room Poynder Place
The present HAGGIS officers consist of George Hudson, Chairman, Chris Mastin-Lee, Deputy Chairman, Geoff Procter, Hon.Sec and Joanne Pointer Hon. Treasurer and a growing membership now attend the 3 or 4 meetings taking place throughout the year. Information on the HAGGIS group is available from the Hon Sec on

HAGGIS ROAD SAFETY CD launch and awards for the Poster Competition by children Hilmarton School
James Gray MP, who responded to opening address by Chairman of HAGGIS George Hudson and Inspector Martin Schorah, Area Commander Chippenham, Calne and Corsham, who presented the awards sitting behind Oliver, Abigail, Catherine and Cameron with their poster entries.
Thanks to financial support from Calne Area Board (Wiltshire Council), generous donations from residents of Hilmarton Parish, Westlea Housing, Arkells brewery and JACS of Melksham, white safety gateways for the villages of Hilmarton and Goatacre have been put in place.
Research has shown that drivers are more influenced by road conditions than speed limits and devices that show clearly that a driver is entering a village community environment will encourage them to adjust their speed.
Because of the sheer volume of traffic on the A3102 the campaign to have 30 mph limit at the two villages and pedestrian refuges to assist people to cross the road will continue.

Community Speed Watch and Volunteers

We are pleased to report that Community Speed Watch at Hilmarton is beginning to have some effect.
When the scheme first started it was found, on average, between five and ten vehicles an hour were travelling at excessive speeds.
Recent experience has shown only one or two vehicles an hour are travelling at high speeds.
The CSW team, HAGGIS supported by The Parish Council are pushing for a similar scheme at Goatacre.
The police have confirmed that although the Snow Hill camera has been covered they will still enforce speed limits at Snow Hill on a regular basis.
We would like to thank our existing CSW volunteers for supporting this road safety campaign. We are still looking for more people to attend training and spend an hour or two measuring traffic speeds. Please call 01249 760555 to sign up

Road safety along the A3102 at Hilmarton and Goatacre

HAGGIS –Hilmarton and Goatacre Group Improving Safety

  1. Increasing traffic flows on A3102 at Hilmarton Goatacre
  2. Increased use of buses.
    a) Buses every 20 minutes
    b) National bus passes for over 60’s
    c) Cost of Petrol and Diesel e.g. one bus user travels to Swindon via Calne to avoid crossing the road at Hilmarton. Another does her shopping in Wootton Bassett so when she returns with heavy shopping she does not have to cross the road, as she would have to if she shopped in Calne.
  3. Greater fitness awareness A3102 increasingly used for jogging, walking and cycling.
  4. Significant increase in heavy traffic as a result of waste management and landfill site at Lower Compton. Contractors; Hills, Viridor, Swindon Skips, Wiltshire Waste, Averies and many others.
  5. Expansion of commercial base in Calne and also farms with light industrial usage Beversbrook and Urathon etc at Hilmarton (junction with Compton Road).


  1. Improved Road Safety to include:
    a) Speed Reduction to 30 mph
    b) Calming with use of white gates at entrance/exit Hilmarton and Goatacre
    c) Pedestrian crossings at bus stops
  2. Execution of Parish plan one of the top agenda items from parishioners.


  • Letters to regular road users via Parish Council
  • Traffic surveys (Speed and density)
  • Letter to County Council Highways Authority
  • General parishioner awareness Questionnaire
  • Parish newsletter updates
  • Take guidance from road safety charity BRAKE
  • Regular meetings of HAGGIS for feedback and actions.

Eddie Peckham and Geoff Procter for and on behalf of HAGGIS and Hilmarton Parish Council
Following extensive research to support the road safety campaign for Hilmarton and Goatacre on the A3102, HAGGIS an independent road safety group reporting to Hilmarton Parish Council are now satisfied that the three main requirements at the two villages are:A 30 mph speed limit at the two sites.
Pedestrian controlled crossings at the two major village bus stops (These normally occur where there is a 30 mph speed limit)
White entrance gates to the villages to indicate the need for caution.
The danger now present as a result of the unsustainable increase in traffic volume on the A3102 must lead HAGGIS to conclude the relatively low cost of introducing these traffic calming measures would greatly reduce the inevitable road traffic accidents that will occur at these two sites if no action is taken.
We must consider the inalienable human rights of pedestrians and motorists to use this road safely and to enable easy and safe access to a sustainable public transport system.
These findings have been reported and requests for action have been made to all the relevant authorities and progress reports will be given from time to time
Road safety along the A3102 at Hilmarton and Goatacre
Gateways to villages both in Europe and counties within Great Britain have been proved to encourage drivers to reduce their speed when entering these gated areas.
Some road safety groups believe these traffic calming measures can be more effective than speed limit reductions.
(HAGGIS, will however continue to campaign for a 30 mph speed limit at Goatacre and Hilmarton).
We are delighted to report that Wiltshire Council (Community Area Grants) and Hilmarton Parish Council are prepared to fund the majority of the cost of building and fitting 8 gates at Goatacre and Hilmarton at the entrance to the villages (subject to us meeting certain conditions).
HAGGIS was set up to identify danger areas on highways and by-ways in the Parish and campaign for the introduction of road safety measures for the benefit of pedestrians and private and public vehicle users. This involves research of road safety issues and lobbying, Parish, District, County Councillors and our Member of Parliament, and other interested parties. We also write to regular commercial users of the A3102, asking them to ensure their drivers obey the speed limits and drive safely.

30mph Limit Review

Wednesday 26th January, Cabinet Member Dick Tonge, Highway Engineer Mark Stansby and a colleague with Cllr Christine Crisp came to visit Goatacre and Hilmarton in advance of making a decision regarding the 40 mph to 30 mph speed limit reduction.

Letter from Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member…..
Speed Limit Review – Hilmarton & Goatacre
I write to thank your Councillors Mr Procter and Mr Broadhead for meeting me on site recently to discuss the speed limit review. It was interesting to hear their views and to see the locations in person to enable me to gain a full understanding of the issues.
Unfortunately on this occasion I am unable to accede to the request to introduce 30mph speed limits in Hilmarton and Goatacre principally because the lengths of the A3102 in the villages do not meet the requirements for the number of frontage houses that is a pre requisite for a 30 mph limit.
I do however sympathise with the difficulties faced by pedestrians when seeking to cross the A3102 and would reiterate the advice given that crossing facilities be pursued through the Community Area Transport Group.
Your sincerely
Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport

Email to James Gray MP and Response…
Dear James,
Re:HAGGIS (Road Safety Group Hilmarton and Goatacre) A3102- Speed Limit

You will know how desperately disappointed we are with the response from Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Mr Dick Tonge (see attached). Although HAGGIS ( reporting to Hilmarton Parish Council) is a non political group we would say we were a prime example of ‘The Big Society’. With very little funding (but much personal expenditure and time) and with the strong will of unpaid volunteers we have already achieved much in making Hilmarton and Goatacre a safer place for pedestrians and motorists, we were hoping for more support in return. We would note that Dick Tonge is encouraging our bid for pedestrian refuges at both sites and we are happy to acknowledge this. I am attaching a resume of the case we made and the response from Mr Dick Tonge (we have not yet replied to his letter). This is a tremendous blow against a growing team of very positive volunteers. It is said that the decision has been made based upon us not meeting the dwelling density requirements for the two stretches of road in question ( We are going to undertake a survey at both sites to see just how far short of these requirements we are). We have no doubt there are enough mitigating services that would allow the Secretary of State to review and reconsider the ruling.(See our short report). We believe there are a number of similar situations where a 30 mph limit has been introduced e.g. Christian Malford (although we need to check this). It was most unfortunate that on the very day of Dick Tonge visited us, Wiltshire Council had put in a traffic light system outside The Duke Hilmarton (for pot hole repair) so traffic speed was reduced considerably. The two officers from Wiltshire Highways, in their reflective coats also greatly reduced the speed of traffic (High Visibility jackets are probably one of the most effective traffic calming measures, and we are cur-rently working on another scheme where we may encourage more local people to make use of these, I hope to be able to tell you more of this project shortly). We are pleased that The Calne Area Board has been glowing in their praise of the professional way HAGGIS conducts its business to the extent that we are being permitted to run our own traffic census at , not only, Hilmarton and Goatacre, and we have volunteered to carry out ‘one day’ surveys for other local parishes at no charge. The highway consultants Mouchel will charge £2000 per day for similar work. We are at a loss to know what to do next, and as our Member of Parliament we know we have your support, we now seek your advice. We have no doubt you will also bring this to the attention of Secretary of State for Transport Mr Philip Hammond. Thank you again for your help. Kind regards Geoff Geoff Procter Hon Sec HAGGIS PS Although the subject is not mentioned , there is a strong feeling amongst members, that decisions such as this (although declined following reference the Highway guidelines) are influenced by the consideration of the potential cost of such a project. We have already shown (with the white gates) that we can kind find our own money from private sources. Only 50% of the cost of the gates was provided directly by Wiltshire Council (Calne Area Board). The bal-ance came from private donations from local residents, Arkells Brewery, Westlea Housing and by the positive support of gate manufacturers JACS(UK)Ltd of Melksham by allowing us to come up with the design and for them to produce the gates in kit form for us to build.

James Gray’s Response…
Dear Geoff,
Thank you for your email, and I do of course know of the strong case you advance for a 30MPH Speed limit in Hilmarton and Goatacre, and can understand your disappointment at Dick Tonge’s declining to consider it because of the number of dwellings which actually border the road. However I fear that the best advice I can give you is that there is no-one other than Wiltshire Council who could bring this about. It would be quite wrong if I wrote to Philip Hammond on the subject, since he has no responsibility for local decisions of this kind. He would merely refer us back to Wilshire Council. So the only option you have is work with Dick and the Council in continuing to try to convince them of your case. I am copying him in to this reply to your email. I know that you may find this disappointing, but feel it only right that I should give you straightforward and honest advice on the subject. I hope that you understand. Kind regards, James

Hon. Secretary’s Reply…
Dear James
Thank you for your swift reply, we will continue our campaign.
Kind regards, Geoff

The Follow Up…
George Hudson and Geoff Procter are putting responses together to send to Cllr Dick Tonge and James Gray MP, this is well under way.
‘White Gate’ request from Derry Hill
We have had a request from Derry Hill to advise them how they should go about obtain-ing White Gates, A letter has been sent (copy available on request).
Community Speed Watch
Now the better weather has arrived a timetable of events will be prepared. Richard Broadhead is handing his role as CSW co-ordinator to Mel Wilkins.
Traffic Surveys
It would seem that the professional methods of traffic surveys carried out by HAGGIS have been accepted by the CAB and they are prepared to allow us to produce surveys in other areas for other groups, which will continue to put us in a good light with Wiltshire Council.