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Water Mains Replacement Compton Bassett Road, Clevancy

Uploaded: June 17, 2019

Wessex Water will undertake the replacement of the old water main in fields / road adjacent to Compton Bassett Road, Clevancy.
The scheme is from in land near Rodwell Farm to the junction of Highway Common, Clevancy, it is in privately owned fields although the final 100 meters will be in the Compton Bassett road from just passed the junction with Beacon Hill South East to the junction with Highway Common. These works will require the use of four way traffic lights and will start on Monday 30th September for approximately 3 weeks.

Letters will be sent out to a number of properties in the area in July, and I have attached a plan of the works for you. If you would like to discuss and issue regarding the scheme please call me on the mobile number below.

Kind Regards
Dave Tennant
Wessex Water
Claverton Down Bath BA2 7WW
Mobile number 07823 370740